Frozen Products

Provide your employees and customers with a wide variety of frozen entrees, ice cream, novelty items and desserts.

The Frozen Gourmet also features the SureVend System which guarantees product delivery or money back

The Frozen Gourmet offers up to 20 different choices of ice creams and/or frozen novelty bars, and 12 different frozen Entrees selections.


Ice Creams

  • Novelt Ice cream
  • Sports Bars


Frozen Foods

  • Frozen Pizza
  • Lean Cuisine
  • Nestles Lean Pockets
  • Nestles Hot Pockets
  • Uncle Ben’s Rice Bowls
  • Don Miguel Low Carb Meals
  • Deli Express Sensible Carb Sandwiches
  • Montrey Family Classics Burritos & Tacos
  • & much, much more

The new Frozen Gourmet machine has a sleek Millennia styling, full glass front which offers a clean display of all products.

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